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Are we due for a Leeb oil shock this summer?

If you read my previous post about Myanmar, Iran, and Romney-Paul, and I can’t imagine why you would, you are probably wondering why I glued them all together.

No particular reason, but there is something that might bind them together. Namely, the price of oil this year.

There is a possibility of a Leeb oil shock in the summer, and that tends to have important political consequences. It is not easy to predict, but the possibility does exist.  Continue reading


Political Round-up: Myanmar, Iran, and Romney

Some articles I found interesting and my commentary on them….

First, “Burma’s Punk Scene Fights Repression Underground“.

I have become a regular reader of Der Spiegel, and this article caught my eye for a few reasons. It reports on the difficulty of being a punk in Burma. Or at least being in the punk scene. Nobody will ever suspect me of being sympathetic to that genre or subculture or whatever it is, but I think that both the existence of that scene there and suggests the extreme fragility of this move towards democracy. Continue reading